Ladies and Gentlemen,
This is to express my deep gratitude for your participation in the 16th series of the Australian International Aerospace Congress. It is your active participation through technical/technological/operational/support papers/presentations; that has flagged this Congress – A Grand Success. I have in-person received several accolade and thanks; which rightfully goes to the Congress Executive/Technical Committee. It was their time and quality bound consistent productive work, over one year plus – that resulted in this landmark series of the Congress - Sixteenth.
So, with that, my sincere thanks to all Authors/Speakers and participating Delegates and above all the Sponsors and the Committee - it’s a “Good Bye” as your Chair.
We all together need to applause our Keynote Speakers, who have made the time during most busy week of Aerospace and Aviation professionals – to address the Congress Theme (Multi-national Aerospace Programs – Benefits and Challenges); from their Organisational Perspective.
With the above, I hand over the Chairmanship to Professor Raman Singh and his Deputy Dr Sonja Jenkison. All the best to you and your team. You will have my support to guide/advise you through, as and when needed.
Finally, the Custodians of the Congress Series - Chair and Members of Joint Conference Committee, of the Joint Board (Aero Eng) of the Royal Aeronautical Society (Australian Division) and Engineers Australia - Thanks for the opportunity to lead the 16th series of the Congress and hope it delivered your expectations.

Dr Arvind Sinha
Chair – AIAC16

Welcome and Invitation

 It is indeed a privilege and honour to be selected for the role of the Chair of 17th Australian International Aerospace Congress.  The AIAC16 Committee has done a terrific job under the dynamic, effective & efficient leadership of Dr Arvind Sinha, both technically and administratively. Thus, with such high benchmarks as the starting point the high expectations are pre-laid.  I, with my team, will endeavour in true earnest to meet them. Accordingly, I propose to invite the willing, active and productive members of the AIAC16 Organising Committee to be available to assist and support the next Congress.  I am glad to report that Dr Sonja Jenkinson has kindly agreed to be the Deputy Chair (Technical) and Dr Sinha, to be the Adviser-in-Chief on all matters (Technical and Administrative) in the AIAC17 Organising Committee. The success of AIAC17 depends on you all, as rightly mentioned by the previous Chair in the Closing Address. If you attented the AIAC16, we need your feedback and active participation. Please provide your comments and feedback through the survey. The prime technical emphasis of AIAC 17 will include efforts to identify and establish contemporary topic areas from the various Disciplines of Aerospace and Aviation as a Symposium (Specialist Conference). Enhancing International and Interstate participations on the committee will continue.  Together, let's be determined to make the AIAC17 another grand success.

Prof Raman Singh
Chair – AIAC17





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